The Traveler
New Music to the Words of
James Dillet Freeman

Cathy's collaboration with Unity poet James Dillet Freeman has been blessed and supported by his widow Virginia Love-Freeman, who says that “the music is wonderful, and really honors James.”

"The music to James’ poems came through in a really unusual and special way," says Cathy. "While sitting at the piano just looking at his words the songs would start to flow. I feel honored and blessed to have this unique relationship with this wonderful poet whom I’ve always loved. Singing these songs brings me a sense of spiritual fulfillment, affirmation, and comfort - and I hope they do the same for you."

Listen to samples of some of the new songs -
Just for One More Day, The Traveler, and Oneness:

Much of this music came to me as I sat at the piano looking at James' poems, well over a year ago. The music seemed to just come through me as beautiful flowing piano melodies. I also put music to the words of a couple of other spiritual leaders, including a meditation chant by Thich Naht Hanh.

This new project features a stunning array of talent, including two cellists: Spiritwood's Mark Billman and Hanna Alkire of the Colorado-based duo Acoustic Eidolon. Windham Hill's George Tortorelli and French flutist Christine Alicot are featured, as well as guitarist Bob McPeek, harpist Megha Morganfield, and Babik's versatile violinist Geoff Perry.

The Traveler is actually our new title, inspired by some of the artwork created by our graphic designer, John Amerson. The artwork and the name of the poem seem to evoke both the spiritual and the musical journey of this album. And our former title, Words of Wisdom, Notes of Grace seemed a little, well--wordy. The Traveler, always a powerful and comforting poem for those dealing with loss, has become a song that I play at memorials and tribute concerts.

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