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Testimonials for Cathy's work

"Cathy’s positive attitude and knowledge of this field make her a great addition to any program or project. She is both compassionate and passionate, and an eloquent speaker. Because of her performing background, she is always aware of the audience and their needs, and this serves her well in her consultant and problem-solving work as well."
--Mary Rockwood Lane, Ph.D., RN, FAAN, Assistant Professor, UF College of Nursing


"As the Director of Volunteer Services at Hospice of Marion County (Ocala, Florida), I asked Cathy to present a full day of training and demonstration on the topic of the therapeutic value of music in the health care setting. In June 2011, Cathy presented techniques to hospice employees and volunteers, which was followed by a demonstration at a nearby assisted living facility.

Her knowledge on this topic is exceptional and Cathy worked diligently to tailor her presentation based on the needs and interests of the audience. Cathy is a highly respected and accomplished musician, song writer and performer. But in addition, she knows how music can be utilized in the health care setting to heal the heart and soul of patients who perhaps do not respond to any other stimuli.

During her presentation to the employees and volunteers, Cathy effectively presented content on the topic and included several experiential exercises with musical instruments that she had brought with her. At the assisted living facility, Cathy not only performed for the patients but also encouraged them to play the instruments and participate in sing-alongs. I saw first hand how some patients, who had come into the room lethargic and disengaged, began to brighten up, become alert and fully engaged. It was a joyful experience for all involved."
--Kathleen M. Berning, Hospice of Marion County


“Cathy was our invited guest speaker at the Oak Hammock annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s kick-off event. What she brought to this year’s event was a topic everyone could relate to: music and memory. She wove together facts about the disease and data about music and how the arts affect patients. She told remarkable stories about recoveries from comas and years of non-speaking. She conveyed to her listeners the power of melody and interwove her singing and piano playing to involve the audience. She is so personable, accessible, and straight forward that everyone could relate to what she was saying and immediately apply the concepts to themselves.

Although we have had research scientists also speak in the past and many medical doctors as well, Cathy spoke to the group as someone who has lived with a family member who has suffered from dementia. She has the ability to connect with people whether she is performing, singing, or speaking. I can recommend her for any type of speaking engagement as I know she will bring her many and varied talents to anything she does.”
--Star Bradbury, Director of Life Planning, Oak Hammock at the University of Florida


"Cathy presented a history of the research on music and the aging process, with a special focus on music's role in enhancing memory. This was followed by an interactive and experiential music making exercise that was the highlight of the entire event. These doctors, nurses, lawyers, therapists, and administrators all got a very personal and immersive experience in how music can trigger recall and stimulate cognitive functioning, yet at the same time provide an opportunity for active participation in a creative process.

We got many positive comments about Cathy's presentation, including one therapist who said, 'she was so knowledgeable, and so skilled at getting us to drop our inhibitions and participate.' As a result of her work Superior Residences will be adding music as a regular component of their activities for residents.
--Rob Rothschild, President, ArtThread Foundation